Our Program

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Groupwork (First Weekend)

Take the opportunity to tackle different challenges and issues at our university and campus society. In facilitated discussion you’ll share ideas, create new initiatives and create new friendships

Intercultural Game Night

Do you enjoy interacting with others through strategy, communication or skill activities? Do you like to work as a team or get to know new people? If the answer is yes, then the intercultural board game night is for you. There will be games of all kinds (card games, video games, games of skill, themed games, language games). You don’t need to be an expert – just come and we will learn together!

Intercultural Dance Night

Hey! Can you hear that? Yes, it is the sound of your feet and body with the sound of the music. It is your moment to let your feelings connect with your inner dancer. Bring your dancing shoes and let’s dance, because dancing brings the people together. And even if you don’t know the moves, we have the workshops to get them to you. Just come along and enjoy different music and dances from all around the world.


Sport can connect people from different cultural backgrounds and build bridges over language barriers. Considering this, the aim of our sports event is to have fun, play together and overcome language barriers. Don’t forget to bring your sport shoes and a bottle of water to stay hydrated. We will provide you with some fresh fruit as a delicious snack.

Intercultural Movie Night

We present the dark comedy “The Death of Stalin”. You’ll be able to watch the movie in a chill atmosphere in the garden of the SFZ

Kitchen Run

At the Kitchen Run you can meet new people, look into other people’s cooking pots and fill your stomach with a 3-course meal for the whole evening. It’s like a dinner with changing company, where you “run” from kitchen to kitchen. Some may also know the concept of the event under the name “Running Dinner”.

The mission: You prepare either a starter, a main course or a dessert together with a friend. What each team is allowed to cook, along with the dates and locations for all courses, is emailed to them a few days before the event.

Fair of Possibilities

Connect to local companies and associations to find job opportunities as well as opportunities for volunteering. Additionally join a discussion about why there exists a big challenge for international students to find jobs.

Don’t know how start conversations at the fair? Then join our job fair preparation workshop on 27th May from 2 to 3 pm that is organized by the ThAFF online on MS Teams.

Discover the WOrld - Info Day of Internationa OFFice

Your International Office has lots of interesting information for you on the topic of studying abroad. Come to the Humboldt Building on 29.05.2024 between 10:00 and 14:00 and…

…gather non-binding information on various options.
…gain insights into processes and tips on how to prepare.
…talk to former outgoers about their experiences.
…get to know partner universities, placement institutes and internship organizations.
…find out about funding opportunities.
…attend an intercultural crash course and get tips on dealing with other cultures.
…refresh yourself at our free smoothie bar.
…and much, much more.

Language Lounge

Expand your horizons one word at a time! Integrate into the beauty of languages with our engaging and fun Language Workshops. You can integrate with various languages like English, German, French, Indonesian, Spanish, Telugu, Chinese etc in the form of fun engaging games. Our workshops are designed to inspire and develop your passion for languages.
If you are interested in using your acquired language skills when traveling or living in another country, then we recommend you to join the “Discover the World!-Day” organized by the International Office from 10 am to 2 pm in Humboldtbau on this day.

Start of program for invited Thuringian Students

Groupwork (Second Weekend)

Extend on the solutions from the first weekend of groupwork and connect with (international) students from all over Thuringia each bringing their specific point of view into the discussion. You’ll be able to work on those issues and challenges by creating networks beyond our university.

Science Campus Rallye

Explore the amazing world of science at TU Ilmenau during ICW at the Science Campus Rallye. This adventure takes place over six well-located stations on campus, with more than 100 participants forming teams led by knowledgeable scouts.

Chill Night

Unwind, Create, Connect! Chill night- the evening of relaxation, creativity and networking during ICW. Instead of traditional learning events, we invite you to slow down, take a break from the hustle, and indulge in the rejuvenating art of crafting (DIY). Our enthusiastic tutors will be there to help you out.

Intercultural Carnival

We invite you to celebrate the ICW with a lot of dance, music and costumes. Therefore, we organise our intercultural carnival from our main campus to the city with music carriages and you can be part of it. Just come along with your favorite outfit (traditional or avant-garde – wear what you like) and choose your favorite carriage to follow.

We’ll start gathering around Ehrenbergwiese at 1.30 pm.

Intercultural Brunch

An exciting journey through world’s cultures with plenty of tasty delicacies, traditional songs and dances – this is the Intercultural Brunch. Meet interesting people from all over the world and dive deep into the culture of other countries. We invites you to present your country through regional outfits, pictures, traditional dishes, recipes, national music, dances etc. Visual, musical, and culinary impressions will merge together to create a unique experience.