How to participate?

All our events except the Group Work and the Science Campus Rallye during the Intercultural Week are open to everyone without registration and participation fee. An Overview over all events possible to join can be found here.

Registration needed for ...

Group Work

As participant of the group work we will provide you a platform to discuss local challenges and get into exchange about them with students from other universities. This program is open to students outside of Ilmenau.*

Science Campus Rallye

Explore the campus and the scientific work of the TU Ilmenau through an exciting scavenger hunt. Participants of the group work of the second phase are automatically registered.

* Additional Information for Students outside ilmenau

All invited registered participants for the Group Work from 30th May to 2nd June will receive food and accommodation via hosting during those days. Through the registration to the Group Work you will be automatically registered for both.

How to HELP?

Students from Ilmenau also have the opportunity to volunteer as helpers for some of our events. If you want to support us as a helper for certain events, just join our helper WhatsApp-Group. In the group you can assign yourself to helper shifts.