For students from other universities

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For outside students we will offer a groupwork on the second weekend during the ICW. During the full time we will offer accommodation and food. Participation in the first weekend is not available for outside students as the focus there lies totally on the TU Ilmenau.

second weekend

On the second weekend you’ll get the chance to exchange ideas with students from other Thuringian Universities and build new initiatives beyond our own university. You’ll get-to-know them and develop new ideas through your different background.

The second part builds up on the result from the first part, meaning that it is from advantage if you joined the first weekend, but not necessary. The topic choice for this weekend is fixed for the whole part.

All Available Topics


  • How sustainable is the university and the society on the campus?
  • What is part of a sustainable lifestyle and why is it important?
  • How to influence other students about it?
  • Who has the responsibility, the students or the university?


  • How is the stress level of students during their students?
  • What can be done to solve this? Is there good healthcare for women at the university?
  • What are the difficulties in finding a “Hausarzt”?


  • What are the reasons for lacking diversity in housing allocation on the campus?
  • How to balance between working and studying?
  • Why is there not much integration between the different international communities?
  • What can we do to diversify the food offer in Mensa?

Student Volunteering

  • What can students gain from spending their free time volunteering?
  • How is the integration of international students in the different student clubs?
  • What can association gain from an internationalization of their community?
  • How to organize an international student conference? – Introduction to ISWI 2025


  • How courses get accredited?
  • Is there enough practical part in the study courses?
  • How did the international students adjust to the german education system?


You’ll get the chance to work on a videography project during the week that will showcase the diversity of Ilmenau and the campus. You’ll learn about videography techniques and will develop the project during the week. After ICW the final product will be show during the “Nuria Art Exhibation” from 28th to 30th June 2024.


  • How diverse are the course offers of the university?
  • Are there beginner courses for sports like swimming or skiing that are directly targeted towards internationals?
  • How is the integration of e-sports in the international communities?

Opportunities of Going Out

  • What options are there to visit other countries (study abroad, student conferences, vacations, etc.)?
  • What should I consider before going on a trip? Share your travel experiences and exchange tips on how to travel cheap and effective?
  • Why also travel through Thuringia?


  • How do you recognize discrimination?
  • Who can support you in cases of discrimination and what channels to address?
  • Differences in mindset towards discrimination.


  • Why are the language offers not mandatory for many study programs?
  • How is the language barrier between students affecting the life on the campus?
  • What is the best way to learn a new language?

Job opportunities

  • How is the university supporting students with finding jobs?
  • Is the allocation of student jobs at the university transparent and fair?
  • How effective are the offered job fairs in the region?