Here you can find answers to the most common questions. Please only write us an E-Mail if your question is not answered here.


Most events are open to everyone without any registrations or entrace fees. Exceptions are the group work and the Science Campus Rallye. Links for registration can be found here.

Students of TU Ilmenau and students from other Thuringia Universities are eligible to participate for this conference, regardless of age.     

All events during the week are open for everyone from Ilmenau or Thuringia, but we will only provide accommodation and food for participants of the group work from 30th May to 2nd June. For any other day participants have to take care of accommodation themselves. Also consider that many events are especially targeted towards students.

You can register as a participant by registration form on this website. If you are a student of TU Ilmenau, you participate from 23rd May 2024 till 2nd June 2024.

And if you are participating as a student from the other Thuringia Universities, then you participate from 30th May 2024 till 2nd June 2024.

Participants from the other Thuringia Universities, during the ICW will be hosted by the students of TU Ilmenau, where they’ll also be provided with breakfast every day. So, you’ll be hosted from 30th May 2024 till 02nd June 2024

The food will be provided to you by us. you will get vouchers for food i.e., lunch and dinner which you can use in our Mensa/Cafeteria.

You can easily navigate your way through DB application. The best way to travel is with regional train in Thuringia. And with your thoska, you can travel free. 

You will hear back from us within a week after your application for the confirmation. Please contact us if you are unable to participate so that we can make this spot available for someone else.

No, there are no participation fees. And you stay with the host and meals will be free too. You will have to only pay if you decide to party in the student clubs and other personal expenses.

You can plan your arrival to Ilmenau on 30th May 2024 between 10:00 – 15:00. Ofcourse, if you are a bit late, it works too. The time frame is arranged as such, because we would already start with our first session right after this.

Unfortunately, due to limited capacity and resources, we are unable to accommodate guests who are not registered participants of the conference.

We will provide an online platform (i.e., discord), where the participants and hosts can contact and find each other before the start of the conference. But in our experience, most participants will find their host upon arrival in Ilmenau, where the Organising Committee will assist every participant in finding a host. So don’t worry if you do not find a host before your travel. We will inform you as soon as the platform is online.

That depends on what you would like to buy. Accommodation, meals and festival events are free of charge for you, but you might want to buy some souvenirs or beer, juice and coffee at the student clubs while hanging out with friends. To give you an idea of the prices: a coffee is about 1 euro, a beer about 2,50 euros and a soft drink about 2 euros. These prices are taken from the student clubs on the campus, where everything is usually much cheaper than in other clubs or in restaurants.

Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to give any financial support for your travel expenses. We are only a student organisation that tries to do its best in organising this conference. Thus, we depend on public funding from the German State and from private sponsors and foundations. It is hard work to get all the money to realise the conference. We hope that you can understand our situation, and that you kindly refrain from asking for such support.

 The final selection of your working group will be made after your arrival in Ilmenau at the check-in, where you will register for the working group you will participate in. We will try to give you your first choice, but due to capacity reasons it is possible that we can only offer you your second or third choice topic.

 Ilmenau is a small town (approx. 26,000 inhabitants), so most of the destinations can be easily reached on foot. Furthermore, many working groups will take place on campus of the TU Ilmenau.

We recommend bringing comfortable clothing, toiletries, any necessary medications, a reusable water bottle, and any materials you may need for your group work sessions. Additionally, don’t forget to bring your student ID and thoska card for travel.

There is no formal dress code for the conference sessions, but please dress comfortably.

While the main focus of the ICW is the conference itself, there may be some free time during the evenings or between sessions for you to explore the town of Ilmenau and its surroundings.

Yes, we recommend registering as early as possible to secure your spot and ensure smooth logistics. The deadline for registration will be (insert deadline date). Late registrations may be accepted depending on availability, but we cannot guarantee accommodation or participation in group activities for late registrants.

Yes, there will be various social events and networking opportunities throughout the conference, including get to know sessions, cultural events, and informal gatherings. These events are designed to foster connections and friendships among participants from different universities and backgrounds.

Yes, upon completion of the conference, participants will receive a certificate of participation. This certificate can be a valuable addition to your academic or professional portfolio, showcasing your engagement and involvement in an intercultural event.